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Please visit our link for the instructions and submission form(s) needed to work with us:

We provide assistance to validate safety and stability of food products entering the marketplace including:
-Lab Analysis for pH, water activity, and Brix of food and beverage products
-Process Authority approval and Scheduled Process: Product Review, Documentation, and Process Validation
-Resources for Nutrition Analysis, Co-packers, Packaging Suppliers, Shelf-Life Studies, and More!
-Regulatory Compliance: Registration and Licensing with State and FDA agencies
-Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures
-Better Process Control School: Necessary certification for Acidified and Low Acid Food manufacturers. 

Client Registration $25 one time fee $45 one time fee
Laboratory Analysis Only $20 per sample/per test $30 per sample/per test
Analysis and Review Only $37 per product $37 per product
Scheduled Process $80 per product $140 per product
Scheduled Process for Meat $120 per product $210 per product
Scheduled Process version* $37 per product $70 per product
Amendments $37 per product $70 per product
Vacuum Pack Letter/Hazard Analysis $150 then $75 after first $200 then $100 after first
Heat Penetration Study $350 per product size $600 per product size
Classification/Shelf Life Letter $70 per product $100 per product