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Product Labels

  1. Decide on a product name.
  2. Determine applicable regulatory requirements. Ask your state regulatory officials for help or contact NYS FVC. Consult the FDA Food Labeling Guide.
  3. Determine what storage information must be on your package: refrigerate, refrigerate after opening, etc.
  4. Choose a size and shape which is compatible with your packaging.
  5. Invest as much in your labels as possible. They are the first thing customers will see.
  6. Make test labels, or labels for small, initial, batches, on a computer printer to cut costs.
  7. Decide if you wish to make health claims. If you do, you must have nutritional analysis done and invest the time and money for FDA compliant nutrition labeling.
  8. Decide whether or not to invest in a bar code. The registry fee is $500, but most large stores and chains will not consider your product without one. If you do not plan to sell to large distributors, you don’t need one.