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Developing your Product

  1. Develop a prototype. Test it out on people. Collect and incorporate feedback on:
    • flavor
    • texture
    • appearance
  2. Determine the market form you would like the product to have:
    • shelf-stable
    • refrigerated
    • frozen
    • baked
    • canned
    • etc.
  3. Determine the batch size you will need for commercial operation.
    • A good start-up size for a liquid product (dressings, etc.) is 5-10 gallons.
    • For solid product, consider a 15-25 pound batch.
  4. Scale up your recipe. This is often done with the help of a contract packer or food consultant, or you can work on scale up by trying things on your own.
  5. Take the following into consideration:
    • The formulation may change due to regulatory and food safety requirements.
    • Testing (pH, water activity, etc.) may be required for compliance with regulations.
    • It may take several attempts to achieve a scaled-up product comparable to the original; ingredient amounts will not change proportionately. For example, you may double the tomato sauce in a BBQ recipe but find you only need to slightly increase the amount of garlic.
  6. Get approval for your recipe from a Process Authority. This resulting document, a Scheduled Process, will help avoid product safety and quality issues.
  7. Determine the cost of ingredients based on your approved, scaled-up recipe.