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This is a partial list of Shared-use & Commercial Kitchens and Small Co-packers for Illinois. The list will be periodically updated. Suggestions for inclusion are welcomed.

Illinois Shared-Use & Commercial Kitchens and Small Co-packers

National Foodwork Services

575 N Brush College Road
Decatur, IL 62521
Phone: 217.330.8512

Co-packing, private labeling, shared use facility

40,000 sq. ft. FDA registered facility
Consulting - recipe formulation - product design
Centralized national location.  With direct access to interstate highways, national railroad system and Midwest Inland Port for exporting
PTL Bar Line
Sollich Enrober (full coverage, bottom only coverage with manual drizzle on top, bottom only coverage)
Lafer horizontal flow wrapper - with videojet capabilities (lot code, data code, UPC and QSR encodings)
Metal Detection
2 x 140 quart Hobart vertical mixers
1 x 300-lb. Colton horizontal mixer
Two Reed double rack ovens - racks up to 80 trays per cycle
Dough extruder
5 gallon steam jacketed kettle
20 gallon steam jacketed kettle
Seasonally temperature controlled environment
Many miscellaneous tools and equipment for production
Case label and labeling imprinting equipment
Allergen and allergen free processes available

One hour free consultation. Flexible minimums, flexible scope of production runs, R & D and testing available


PacMoore Innovation Lab

202 Market Street, Gridley, IL 61744
Phone: 866-610-2666
Contact: Josh Warren, Business Development Specialist

The PacMoore Innovation Lab for Extrusion is home to our 57 mm pilot twin screw extrusion line. It is perfectly suited for product development, validation trials, and even small scale production of your extruded food products. PacMoore is approved to process organic, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and non-GMO products. After meeting your product development needs, we can move to full scale production at our facility in Mooresville, IN. Minimum commitment for pilot projects is at least an 8 hour production run.

Product Examples:
-Protein-fortified cereal crisps
-Crisp grains
-Cookie inclusions
-Textured vegetable proteins
-Precooked flours and starches

Example Applications:
-Nutritional and granola bar inclusions
-Cereals and granolas
-Ice cream and confectionery inclusions
-Vegetarian meat analogues
-Puffs and snacks