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Shared-use and Commercial Kitchens

  • A Taste of Long Island

    211-A Main Street
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    Owners: Jim and Courtney Thompson

    A Taste of Long Island Shared Use Kitchen is an 800 square foot commercial kitchen space designed to meet the needs of small scale and start-up food producers. Our mission is to help our culinary entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses with lower risks in a healthy, professional and supportive environment. A Taste of Long Island also has a 350 square foot specialty food market attached to the kitchen where clients are able to retail their products alongside other products exclusively produced on Long Island.

    Ten Burner Gas Range, Two Gas Fired Ovens, Convection Oven, 20 qt. Stand Mixers, 6 qt. Stand Mixers, Hand Wash Stations, Produce Sink, Three Compartment Sink with Double Dry Racks, Stainless Steel Food Preparation Table, Butcher Block Baker's Tables, Digital Scales, Microwave, Assorted Bakeware, Assorted Standard Pots and Pans, Assorted Standard Kitchen Utensils, Refrigerator and Freezer for use during shifts, Sanitation Equipment and Supplies, Freshly Washed Kitchen Towels, Disposable Gloves and Hair Restraints, Pest Control, Trash Removal, Small office space for planning and organization during shift, On-site secured Wi-Fi Internet access, Reference library of cookbooks and culinary textbooks, Priority access to retail products in the A Taste of Long Island Specialty Food Market, Priority access to retail products at the A Taste of Long Island Farmer's Markets (held seasonally)

  • Artisan Baking Center Kitchen Innovations Incubator (ABC-KI)

    Consortium For Worker Education
    Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen
    36-46 37th Street
    Long Island City NY 11101-1606
    Phone: 212 452 1866

    A 5000 sq ft kitchen divided into 4 separate work areas with many pieces of specialty baking equipment. The kitchen is open 24/7. There is a pool of workers, all graduates from the Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts job training programs run by the facility, available for hire by the tenants of ABC-KI.

    Kitchen A
    6-burner stove, convection oven, grill, swiss braiser, 24 ft of table space
    Kitchen B
    Double Revolving Rack oven, 24 ft of table space; 1 with butcher block top
    Kitchen C
    Double Revolving Rack Oven, 24 ft of table space; 1 with butcher block top
    Kitchen D
    Cold room kept at 68 degrees, 24 ft of table space, Common use equipment, Hearth Deck oven, Convection oven, 5 spiral mixers from 20 qt to 80 qt, 2 planetary mixers 30 qt and 80 qt, 6 qt Robot Coupe, Sheeter, Chocolate melter, Immersion Blender, Double Steel Jacketed kettle 5 gal each, Dough Rounder/Divider

    Storage facilities available:
    Dry and refrigerated prices range from $25 to 140 per month depending on location and size.

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday thru Thursday 6:30pm to 2:30 am (8 hours) $180 per shift
    Friday thru Sunday 4:30pm to 12:30am (8 hours) $180 per shift
    Friday thru Sunday 8am to 4pm (8 hours) $220 per shift
    Sunday thru Saturday 3am to 8am (5 hours) $120 per shift
    price includes all utilities, carting, cleaning supplies and chemicals and the help of the Kitchen Assistant for 2 hours per shift.

    6-burner stove, convection oven, grill, swiss braiser, 24 ft of table space, Double Revolving Rack oven, 24 ft of table space; 1 with butcher block top, Double Revolving Rack Oven, 24 ft of table space; 1 with butcher block top

  • BAO Food and Drink Organic Food Incubator

    23-23 Borden Avenue
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Phone: 718-391-0009
    Contact: Pete Herman

    USDA certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free commercial kitchen rental space available.
    12,500 square foot facility; small and medium batch organic and non-organic food; 60 gallon steam kettle jacket; 4 burner electric stove top; 2'x4' rolling tables; 3 liquid bottle fillers, pots, mixers, bowls, strainers, trays, immersion blender, cooked vegetable grinder and more; equipment for packaging and labeling small batch products runs; access to our loading dock; additional dry and refrigerated storage space is available to rent

    Further services can provide:
    small batch co-packing, creation of General Manufacturing Procedures, Food Safety Counseling, USDA Organic Compliance Counseling, Distributor Support, Packing Design (Organic and Non-organic), Recipe Development and Cost Consulting, Kosher Compliance Counseling, Co-op ingredient and packaged goods purchasing opportunities

  • Battenkill Kitchen

    PO Box 784
    58 E Broadway
    Salem, NY 12865
    President: Will Lennon
    Phone: 518-854-3032
    Shared-use Commercial Kitchen

    Six Burner Gas Range, Convection Oven, Two Gas Fired Baking Ovens, 40 gallon Steam Kettle, Walk-In Cooler - 640 square foot, High Temperature Dishwasher, 40 quart Stand Mixer, Digital Scale, Commercial Food Processor

  • Cook & Bake Center

    360 C Mount Pleasant Av
    Mamaroneck, NY 10543
    Phone: 914-698-3663

    Cooking equipment, Full size Convection ovens, Gas range with 10 burners, Industrial Mixer, Walk in 8X8 feet Freezer, Cooler, Slicer, Dough sheeter, Mixers, blenders, Kitchen utensils, Pastry equipment, Electric Range, Ice maker, Working Benches

  • The Chocolate Gecko

    21 Colvin Ave
    Albany, NY 12206
    Phone: 518-225-4567
    Contact: Terra Stratton

    Triple sink, hand washing sink, 4 chocolate temperers, gas stove with oven and Ansell system, hundreds of full and half sheet pans, 1000's of chocolate molds, lots of storage, refrigerator and freezer
    Suitable for baking, pastry, chocolate and confections, cookies, ice cream, coffee/tea

  • Damin Farms

    8075 State Highway 5
    St. Johnsville, NY 13452
    Phone: 518-568-2643

    The facility is equipped with a 6 burner propane commercial range with hood vent, many pots and pans, 3 bay sink, over-head lighting, and refrigerator space. Counters and sinks are stainless steel. Rental is available now for $12.50 an hour. Renter is responsible for washing all equipment used and clean up.

  • Go Veggies, Inc

    1290 Sheridan Drive
    Tonawanda, NY
    Phone: 716-908-2778

    commercial ovens, freezers, refrigeration, food processors, mixers 30 qt., and dry storage. Shrink wrapping, nutrition labels and strictly vegetarian food processing.
    Licensed by Agriculture and Marketing (20-C Licensed)

  • Hana Kitchens

    34 35th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11232
    Phone: 718-369-7594

    At Hana Kitchens, we offer 11 commercial kitchen spaces for rent starting at $120/shift to start up entrepreneurs in the food industry. Our tenants are today's food trend setters! They are young and vibrant and do not sleep and that is why there is 24/7 access and the night shifts at Hana Kitchens are the busiest. There is never a time when someone is not working on their cookbook or is not being featured in a magazine or the food section of a newspaper. With over a hundred years of combined experience, our team of chefs offers the technical support and business savvy that is vital for a start up business to succeed. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a kitchen viewing. Hana Kitchens offers 12,000 square feet of space divided into 11 kitchens, including USDA and Kosher facilities. All kitchens are fully licensed and NYS certified. All kitchens are fully air conditioned and we also provide kitchens that are humidity controlled for chocolate and candy production. We provide 24/7 access with 3 8-hour shifts daily: am, pm and midnight with rental rates starting at $120/shift.

    Available equipment includes - but not limited to:
    Convection ovens, Steam injected bread ovens, 2 30qt mixers, 4 80qt mixers, VCM, Uni-filler and Rheon depositing systems, Braisers, Steam kettle, Induction stoves, Rondo dough sheeters, Bread and meat slicers, Automatic dish and pan washers, 1000+ flexmats and rapid molds, Thermo-formed and corrugated packaging, Shrink wrap machines

    Services included are:
    Limited dry storage, Use of walk-in refrigerator and freezer, Maintenance and deep cleaning of kitchen and public spaces, Garbage removal, Laundering of Hana's side towels and aprons, Heat/water/electricity, Delivery service

  • Hometown Foods, LLC

    362 Eichybush Rd
    Kinderhook, NY 12106
    Owner: Anna Dawson
    Phone: 518-758-7342
    Fax: 518-758-8452

    11 gas burners, 2 tray freezers, dishwasher, vacuum packer, nutrition labels

  • Hot Bread Kitchen

    1590 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10029
    Phone: 212-369-3331

    2,300 square ft. shared-use commercial kitchen offers flexible spaces; 3 fully-equipped private prep kitchens, with counter space and induction burners; 1 temperature-controlled room, good for chocolate or confections; 3 banks of specialized equipment with convection ovens, fryers, tilting skillets, 6-burner ranges and grill; dry, refrigerated and freezer storage; access to a commercial dishwasher, coffee station, ice machine and water; classroom space with a board table for 12, a white board and a flat-screen TV-ideal for client and staff meetings

  • Jennifer’s Kitchen

    159 Lexington Avenue
    Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
    Contact: Rich Sheridan
    Phone: 914-384-2825

    Storage facilities available.

  • Kitchen Co-op

    213 Broadway
    Amityville, NY 11701
    Phone: 631-397-0197

    2 Kitchens Available Featuring:
    2 convection ovens, Viking 6 burner gas stove with convection oven, 20 qt. mixer, 10 qt. mixer, 6 qt. mixer, Butcher-block table, Stainless steel tables, Immersion blender, Food processor, Induction burners, Chocolate tempering machine, Walk in refrigerator box, Pots and pans, Cleaning supplies, Dry and wet storage space available, Microwave, Digital scale, 2 bun pan racks

    Monthly Rental Program or Per Shift Rentals
    24/7 - 4 hour shifts available

  • Nelson Farms

    3261 US Route 20
    Cazenovia, NY 13035

    Nutrition Labeling, Private Labeling and Product Development
    Contact: Amanda Hewitt:

    Shared-Use Kitchen
    Contact: Margie Wilcox:

    Nilda's Desserts

    372 Main Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3317
    Phone: 845-454-5876

    Co-packer for baked goods. Provides pH testing and assistance with recipe formulation and product labeling.

  • SUNY Cobleskill Shared Use Community Kitchen

    Cobleskill, NY
    Contact: Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Department
    Phone: 518-255-5425

  • Varna Community Center

    Varna Community Association, Inc.
    Located at:
    943 Dryden Rd (NY Rte 366)
    Dryden NY 13053
    Mailing address:
    PO Box 4771
    Ithaca NY 14852-4771
    607-272-2658 (leave a message)
    Rental coordinator: Janet Morgan
    Phone: 607-256-1617

    Double convection oven, walk-in cooler and freezer, dishwasher, dry
    storage space

  • Union Theological/Columbia University Food Lab

    3041 Broadway
    New York, NY 10027
    Operated by Richard Madonna

    The Union/Columbia Food Lab is in the planning stages and aims to use the former UTS Kitchen to help small scale and start up food producers. Our mission is to be the home for food entrepreneurs in NYC and offer training and assistance to those in the neighboring communities who would like to learn how to start their own food venture. Part of our training is to help teach people how to eat healthier, reduce the cost of healthy eating and further the goals of a sustainable food environment. AS we are just starting, now is the time to get involved. Our equipment plans are evolving and will be updated soon.

  • Urban Horizons Kitchen

    Shared-Use, Commercial Kitchen
    Kitchen Manager
    Whedco. Urban Horizons
    50 E 168th street
    Bronx, Ny 10452
    Phone: 718-839-1198
    Cell: 917-498-3472
    Fax: 718-732-2685
    Contact: Marcus Gotay