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Initial Guide

Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures

This guide contains the information for start-up food processing businesses. It is over 108 pages long and available electronically.

The initial guide and relevant documents may be found here:

  1. Introduction

    Overview of the Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship
    Introducing a New Food Product into the Marketplace, a story
    Steps to Start a Specialty Food Business
    Pros and Cons of Starting a Specialty Food Business
  2. Business & Marketing Issues

    Business Plan Basics
    Components of a Successful Business Plan
    Types of Legal Business Entities
    Marketing Considerations for the Small Scale Food Processor
    Accounting for Your Business Activities
    Business Certification Requirements
    Insurance Coverage for Food Entrepreneurs
    The U.S. Small Business Administration
    Financial Resources for Small Businesses
  3. Food Safety & Sanitation

    What pH is and How it is Measured
    Water Activity: Another Critical Factor for Safety of Food Products
    Guide to Scheduled Process Development
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP)
    Six Areas of Sanitation/Relationship to Food GMPs and PMO Requirements
    Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) of Foods
    Food Allergy Awareness
    Food Handler Certification
    SafeServª Certification
  4. Acidified & Low Acid Products

    Acidified (Pickled) Foods
    Sample Analysis Records
    Low Acid Foods
    Example of Scheduled Process for Acidified Food Product
    Scheduled Process Form
  5. Dairy Products

    Cheese Production
    The Yogurt Process Schedule
    Example of Scheduled Process for Yogurt
  6. Meat & Poultry Products

    Pathogen Reduction/HACCP for Meat & Meat Products
    Fermented Sausages
    Jerky & Dried Snack Meats
    Smoked Meats & the Smoking Process
    Example of Scheduled Process for Meat Product
    Example of Scheduled Process for Dry & Semi-Dry Sausages
    Scheduled Process Form for Meat & Poultry Products
  7. Fish Products - Process Models

    Introduction to Processed Fish Product Regulations
    Example of Scheduled Process for Fish Product
    Scheduled Process Form for Smoked Fish Products
  8. Other Product Types

    The Science & Technology of Making Preserves
    Certified Organic Foods
  9. Labeling

    Labeling Requirements
    Meat Labeling Basics
    Nutrition Labels
    Nutrient & Health Claim Basics
  10. Processing Facilities & Equipment

    Purchasing pH Meters
    Basic Standards for Home and Commercial Kitchens
    Small Scale Processing Equipment
    Purchasing Used Equipment
    Steam Kettles in Food Processing
    Food Container Selection Tips - Glass
  11. Resources

    Partial List of Laboratories Providing Food Analysis
    Partial List of Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturers
    Overview of Pertinent Federal Regulatory Agencies
    USDA Rural Development Offices in the Northeast
    State Agencies/Universities Pertinent to the Small-Scale Food Processor
    Farm Bureaus in the Northeast
    References for the Small-Scale Food Processor